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P0606 PCM Processor Fault

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I was sitting at a drive through when the car just shutoff. It started right back up, but the check engine light came on. I went to Advance and had the code read and cleared. It was P0606 PCM Processor Fault. Should I just wait and see if it does it again, or should I take it somewhere. I am leaning toward wait and see, since it seems to being running fine.

04 Envoy XUV Auto inline 6
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well, you can try disconnecting the battery and clear the PCM. see if that helps. worth a try
Would any PCM updates from GM help? I bought it used from carmax about 2 years ago. I don't know what version of the firmware it is using.
so i'm guessing that the battery thing didn't work then? well, the dealer usually charges anywhere around $135 just to check the version, and if it needs to be updated, then they'll update it. But, in your case, i don't know if it'll help.
I have not tried the battery, because it has been running fine for the past 2 days since it had the problem.
okay, but disconnecting the battery for about 10 minutes allows the PCM to clear and reset itself. its worth a try, and is also cost-free.
did you fix the problem? if so, how?
It has not showed up again and has been running fine, so I have not done anything to it. If I have any more problems with it I will look further into it.

I had the same problem.
2004 Trailblazer - shut off in parking lot. Turned off, restarted with SES Light, error code P0606.
Erased Error code with reader
Found it common in 2004 - Tech Service Bulletin 3164A.
Did it ever come back in your Envoy???

Anybody with more info???
my gf had a 02 pontiac that would just shut off like that...unfortunatly after years of clearing the pcm time after time they just traded it in...i would suggest doing that next time like the others say
my friend, has a 04 GMC canyon, his power window and lock mess up on him on occasion, so he disconnected the battery, and got the windows and lock to function properly... and when he started it after he got off work, 3 Codes popped up, p0606, P1680, P1681. but he had a scan gauge 2, and cleared them.. and they haven't popped up....yet.
I thought there was a TSB for the '04 PCM that required a reflash from the dealer? I know PCMForless would not do any Tunes on those PCM's unless it had already been updated :undecided
I thought there was a TSB for the '04 PCM that required a reflash from the dealer? I know PCMForless would not do any Tunes on those PCM's unless it had already been updated :undecided
Question on the reflash. The TSB is 3164A. I have an 04 that died with the REP and SES lights last night. It kicked a P0606 code. Light cleared and it's driving fine now, but if the 04 PCM requires a reflash will they do this for free if there's a TSB for it? Thanks.

Just called dealer and it's $85 to reflash. I suppose that's not too bad. Going to let it go for now and see if it happens again.
My 04 trailblazer has been randomly shutting off way more than I would be comfortable with. Seems to correlate with running the a/c but who knows. Lately though it's not just the check engine light, it's also the pw engine power light. Most recently when it happened (today) it didn't shut down, I just lost the use of the accelerator and everything. Ran at about 1500 rpm and 10mph without a choice. We looked up the P0606 code and it looks like the part is $500 and I also need to go,to a dealer and have the system flashed. Joy. Done with Chevy.
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