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Good Afternoon. My service engine light lit up today. 2003 w/ 66K miles. Last time it lit up, I put the gas cap back on right and it went away. This time the cap did not seem to be loose. Re-seated it and we will see.

Went to Autozone for a reading and got the single P0442

I'll give it a day or 2 to see if it goes out. Wish I could clear it.

If the error code remains, where do I start?
- How do you check a gas cap to see if it is OK?
- How do I test the solenoid?
- Since this is a vacumn based system, can I draw a vacum on it to isolate the leakk?

I have the Haynes manual so I can find all the parts aand check for the obvious hose or connection issue.

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