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Coming home from Carlisle my temp gauge was much lower then normal.

It happened 2 more times throughout last week. No SES. Got bored and went looking for one trip faults.

The freeze frame was similar to this, long run time barely 180.

Not a bad job. Didn't mess with extensions through the wheelwell, r&r alt only takes 10 minutes anyway. Nothing wrong with the sensor so the OEM is staying in there.

Much better. Edit: Wrong pic. It reached 200 in under 4 minutes.

Now you see the fuel gauge in the last pic? This beeotch was at 3/4 tank this morning. I have a 50-ish mile commute to work (round trip). Almost a quarter tank just today. The past 2 tanks (since Carlisle) averaged a measly 15.1mpg, a huge step down from the 21.2 it usually gets.

I'll be honest, I've read a lot of posts about sticky thermostats and poor mpg and I thought it was bologna. I see p0128 a lot, however most of the time the customers don't notice or care about mpg and just want the light to go out. Now that I have some first hand experience, I'll be sure to post it when it comes up. Do mpg threads come up anymore?
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