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p0128 code

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i kno there many post on this topic but i have one question i dont think anyone asked. Well i just did my intake and later that afternoon i got a ses light. So when i got hom i checked it it was the p0128 code. I look at the forums to se what i can do and there was many difrnt things i noticed it coul of been the iat sensor off the intake. So this morning i got up and remonted the iat sensor and now the check engine ligth is on. So i took a drivwe to see if it would come back on it didnt.

With the below pic i posted is that a normal temp for a 15 minute ride at 57 mph on the highway thanks everyone in advanced.


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also my coolant is up to level i checked that too
That seems low. They normally sit right at 210.
so u think i should change my thermostat..
That's about where mine stays too and I was also wondering if I needed to replace my t-stat. Probably explains why my mileage is crap!
yup, looks a little low for having been on the highway for 15 min.
I've got same problem (again) - Had it about 3 months ago and ended up just needing coolant in reservoir but checked and is good as well as coolant flowing through radiator cap. Any idea on how to replace the t-stat by Do-It-Yourself or does it involve taking off radiator entirely? HELP!!
You need to utilize the SEARCH function. But, here's a start:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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