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i might not have those codes exactly right ( i don't have them right in front of me) but i think they are pretty much right.

About 2 mos ago i started having some idling problems at startup, nothing major but the CEL came on so i took it to a guy to have the code run.

I think it was just P0014(Camshaft position Sensor) and P300 (random misfires)

I went to the dealer, got a new CPS and things were hunky dory until Thursday. On Thursday it went to missing like crazy at idle and at cruising speeds it didn't have it's full power.

I went to advanced and they ran the codes this time and they were as listed in the title.
P0014 (CPS), P300 (random misfires), p506 (something like bad idle) and then P0017 which I think is camshaft actuator.

I had just replaced the cps so I knew it wasn't that so I went back inside and somehow I ended up coming out with a crankshaft position sensor (CKPS $20).

long story short, I read the manual and on here and read you have to have the dealer do something special if you touch the CKPS. So I did some more reading and saw some other tips (Change the CPS, clean TB, change oil, change/clean the camshaft actuator).

I had to change the oil anyway so i figured I would do that and clean the TB.
That didn't fix it.

I was going to clean the actuator but saw I would have to remove the coolant line and would lose some dexcool (don't have any on hand), make a big mess so i figured i would make that my next to last resort. The last resort was to get the CKPS installed and have the dealer do their thing.

I decided just for kicks to put my old CPS on. The only problem i had with it before was occasionally in the morning it wouldn't idle too well for a few minutes and then it would clear up most of the time.

Well, that worked. MY TB seems fine now.
I called the Dealer and they are going to replace my part for free.
So i guess sometimes even a new part can go bad.
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