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Over torqued lower control arm bracket bolts

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Wassup guys, i just had an alignment done at les Schwab on my 2007 trailblazer ls 4.2, and they over torqued the hell out of the bolts, by the service manual it says 177 ftlbs the two bolts on the back adjustment hole in the bracket and 191ftlbs for the one bolt on the front part of the bracket, when i got home i checked and one bolt on the right side that should be 191 ftlbs was under torqued actually, the all others, two rear of right bracket and the three on the left side were over torqued beyond 200 ftlbs, i used husky torque wrench that i paid around $60 back in the time, 2 years, if i compare to another wrench from harbor freight it agree on the nu bers.
My concern is that bolts, bracket of other parts maybe at some point snap or other damage occurs and my and my family get in a crash or worse.
But at the same time now, iam afraid to loose those bolts because it could loose entirely the extruture that is already tightened up. I had all the bushings replaced myself, one bracket on the right side i used the original, just cleaned with wire brush all that flaking rust, and replaced the bushings, but i suffered a lot to change those cursed bushings.
on the left side i just got the whole bracket new ordered from amazon, moog brand but on the box says made in china, when i saw that i yelled ****!!!!, i have china made parts, and these things I don’t trust put china parts.

i ordered shocks later, bilstein, but the originals still looks good, so i will wait now that already had alignment done. Iam not going back to lea Schwab. Not after this.

id likeyou guys with more experience and who probably had the same thing happen to you. What you thing about the over torqued bolts, should be fine? I bet those guys used pneumatic impacts, i don’t take my whole car to have tire jobs done because i had the rotors warped before because those lazy in a rush teens that work in those shops.

iam most afraid because my family rides on this car, my commute car i drive daily doesn’t matter much.
Please share here your opinions, knowledge and experience. I need some help to help me decide what to do and or to give me some peace of mind if is the case or an advices to go ahead and change that what conserns me, i was thinking maybe order new bolts, jack each side in a way to not put too much stress for the brackets not move place when i be loosening the bolts one and replace, and tight then go to the next bolt till get it all done and re torqued to specs and pray for the alignment not get screwed.
i appreciate any advice and will share else any news as ideas to keep our rigs rolling. Peace!!
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Never buy anything from national auto-anything chains. They hire the dropouts from dealerships ..... and my opinion of dealerhips would get me banned if I was less than the kind hearted, warm, affable kind of person I am and that everyone here knows of me.

I never say anything bad about anybody, so don't push me .. ya hear?
Imma gonna puncha you face if you don't agree.​

Back to your problem .... Schwab screwed you and you have no recourse since they are all denial, no-responsibility people.

Don't go there again.
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