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I was on vacation a couple months ago and was due for an oil change on my '06 Trailblazer, so stopped at a shop that a local told me was reputable to get it changed. While there, the mechanic doing the oil change came to the waiting room and asked me to come out to the shop and see somthing. The problem turned out to be that a piece of the inner splash rim where the oil filler cap attaches had broken off and was wedged in above the timing chain. Not sure how long it had been like that, or what caused it. I had only had the TB a few months, and this was the 2nd oil change I had done, my regular mechanic had not noticed anything when he added the oil on the first change, but he is generally in a hurry and may not have noticed that piece gone, nor did I.

The piece in question was wedged in tight, so I told this mechanic to leave it alone and I would take my chances (and keep an eye on it in case it came loose in there). I finished my trip and when home decided to have a local shop see if they could figure it out (I am a senior citizen and did not feel I could tackle it, not knowing exactly what to do). They easily got the piece un-wedged, but it was too big to come back out the oil filler hole, and we didn't feel that trying to break it would be very smart, so it was time to pull the valve cover, which they did. Did not appear to be any damage anywhere from it, and he took the valve cover and broken piece to a weld shop and had it repaired ($20 for the welding, cheap!!!). Had him replace the plugs while things were apart (they dearly needed replacing), and change the oil of course, and in the end the TB is running great, so I guess I got lucky on this one.

Thought I would share this, and what we believe might have happened to cause it. Not positive, but we kind of wondered if a previous oil changer had used some kind of funnel or filler that broke that piece off. Whatever did it, it was a lucky break for me that the piece wedged in as it did instead of getting into the timing mechanism and causing havoc. I am adding a photo that shows the piece (after it was un-wedged) laying down in there. One thing I would wish to share is that everyone should keep an eye on that rim around your oil filler caps. Hopefully mine was just that one weird instance, but who knows. :bonk:


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