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2004 buick rainier
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Just recently, my computer started tripping codes, saying the air ride pump is in trouble. This was in reality no shock to me, since it'd been having some serious starting problems for most of the winter, particularly when it got cold out. (Cold up here means near or below zero)


Normally, this would be a thing for the dearler for me, since the thing has an extended warranty Ive paid for. Trouble is, I've spent the whole winter and some of last fall, replacing the entire serpentine line one bit at a time. First the fan clutch, then the water pump, then the idler and now just last week, the power steering pump. Only thing I've not done yet is the alternator. Each time it cost me the $100 deductable. I've now begun to wonder what point the warranty folks will say 'no more'. All this aside from the annoyance, of course.

So, now, I'm considering the possiblity of replacing the thing myself. Just a couple bolts and three or four lines plus two wires, as I gather it. I supopse they're a junkyard item, anymore and I may be able to deal that way. I'll look at it as the weather breaks around here.

But now I'm wondering, since I'm short on funds after all I've been doing with it, if there's not a fix to be had for the pump itself, that would preclude, at least for a while, it's replacement. The thing is occasionally having a problem starting, (I can hear it) and I've started to wonder if it's a lubrication issue. Is there some kind of PM I'm missing on this thing?

Has anyone tried shooting a bit of lube in the intake? Will that foul the rubber downstream of the pump? Perhaps something silicone based?
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