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SLow pics yet?:raspberry
We just got back. We started at 10am and technically still have 3 trucks together, so the meet is still going on. Kidding, but seriously, the first person left around 5:30, we had 7 show up and it was a real good time. I got a mod done but you'll have to wait to see pics for that one.

Discussion for next year have commenced.

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Fixed it for ya.

My pics might take a while because I have a lot of school work to do. Eventually though Ill make a thread.
Worky work. i'll post pics later.

Thanks to everyone. i met a lot of nice people at the meet :thumbsup:

thanks guys can't wait to see your pics; post them up in this thread when you have a chance

looks like another good meet kevin, great job guys...:hail:
thanks Ed it was awesome for the first official Fl meet
301 - 315 of 315 Posts
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