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I have a question I bought a GMT800 TNR, I out it in my 04 GMC Sierra and no volume, will the 15199992 amp work on a plug andnplay basis. I dont want to buy a aftermarket radio, I want to keep my truck as stock as possible.
The AMP you describe is made for LUX BOSE systems.

The GMT800 TNR head unit could be a LUX or a non-LUX head unit. You'll have to install the correct GMT800 TNR in order for it to work with your LUX amp.

Newest revision LUX TNR (15800001)
Second Revision LUX TNR (15230099)
First Revision LUX TNR (10377531)

Newest revision NON-LUX TNR (15800000)
second Revision NON-LUX TNR (10379287)
First Revision NON-LUX TNR (10377287)
Alt. Revision NON-LUX TNR (15120706)
Hope this helps !

401 - 402 of 402 Posts