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super88 is right.
ill add my 2 cents...

Seems that if you live in areas with road salt--- it may be a little harder when removing the sensor. some have had to use a torch to heat up the manifold to remove it..... so if you live in salt country--- then be careful removing it....

If youre like me-- and live in Southern California or places where theres no salt on the roads- then it should be easy.

I changed mine- I think it was around 130,000.
It came out so easily---- I actually had more trouble undoing the connector clip- than unscrewing the sensor.

I turned the wheel and accessed it both from the wheel well and overhead.
the new one should have antiseize on it- so be careful it stays on the sensor and not on your hands or packaking...

have fun.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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