This is the full time all wheel drive transfer case from the 6.0 TBSS 2006-2009, code NR9. Came out of a yuppie soccer mom's 100k mile cream puff. (her electricals died, no longer available, same ole story) This is the Torsen differential splitter that puts 75% torque to the rear wheels, 25% to the fronts until the rears spin. Then it goes continously variable up to 50%/50% front/rear automatically. Can't find a replacement for that stupid 4WD actuator motor or the XFER case control module? With no electronics, no shifter, no electric motors, no XCM, bolt it into ANY 4wd Trailblazer/Envoy/Ranier 2002-2009 and go drive in the snow with a big grin on your face. (or take it to the track and blast off 11's all day long, can you say "Traction"?) Ric Smith 458 252 0154