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P0756 Shift Solenoid B Wont go away - Need Help

I just bought a 2004 I6 2WD with 150k miles. The truck had sat for an extended period due to engine missing on 4-5-6. Towed it home and did the tune up: drained gas tank, cleaned throttle body, new plugs, fuel filter, coil pack for #4 cylinder, fan clutch (it had a code), upper O2 sensor, cat conv, secondary air pump/valve to fix P0410, new battery. Engine runs great!

Multiple test drives with no transmission issues. Ready to drive!!. Truck goes into limp mode showing code P0756 (Shift Solenoid B Performance Stuck Off). After changing both A and B solenoids, TCC and 3-2 solenoid along with trans fluid and filter -- then clearing codes with scanner, transmission works great on test drive. After cooling off attempt to drive and back in limp mode. If I reset the PCM by pulling the fuses transmission works great again on first test drive. After cool down next drive is back to limp mode. Resetting the PCM only works about half the time. While in Limp Mode, I can manually put in 1st gear with shifter and drive as if a manual moving from 1-2-3-D without a problem.

Now the only codes displayed beyond the P0756 for Shift Solenoid B are HVAC actuator door and radio..

Changed the trans fluid/filter before I discovered limp mode issue. Fluid was dirty, wasn't burnt. There were a few very small specs of metal in the pan. Small enough hard to see.

Other than spending a ton of money at a shop, not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?
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