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2005 gmc envoy_slt
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Hello All,

Anyone know or have a walk through for replacing the front struts and rear shocks on a 2002 Envoy? I am also having some issues deciding what to go with. See below.

I recently purchased an 2002 Envoy SLT with 135k on it. I have redone all four rotors and pads, all new BFG All Terrain Tires, and had all the fluids flushed and filled (Tranny, PS, BR, DIF, OIL, COOLANT, etc).

I am looking to replace the front struts as the car has a big dip when you lightly press the brakes and a bad rattle (CV joint a was told). I am thinking about doing the rear shocks at the same time as well as replace my driver side cv half axel assembly as it has a cracked boot.

The Front struts I am looking at are some basic Monroe Complete Setup or some Belstein struts where I need to transfer my old coil.

Monroe: Strut and Coil Spring Assembly - Front (Part Number: 4173-07088610)

Bilstein: Front Strut = $65.00 a piece

Rear shocks are beilstien as well.
Belstein: Rear Shock = $65.00 a piece

The half axel assembly is a EMPI from RockAuto for $60.00

Any advice would be great as I cannot decide which route to go with. I am a newbie and looking to do it my self as I am tired of relying on others to fix my stuff and over paying.

Thanks in advance!
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