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2006 chevy trailblazer_lt
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I'ma new trailblazer owner but have always been interested in them they just look good and from my latest experiences they run great for the inline 6 they are ....anyways the reasons I'm here....

I think I have a sunroof bracket loose and was wondering the best approach to getting to it it vibrates constantly while driving, it doesn't help i have 2 12's:yes:, that's one issue

Lately i've been popping a code for bank 1 rich, timing-over advance, so I did a little forum reviewing here and seen where a few people have tried to clean there cam position actuator and it worker needless to say i tried, it went off for a few days and came back one, it'll come on for a few days at a time and go back off, but lately its just been, should i maybe look into replacing the CPA altogether? oil life is around 45 %

Last but not least, when i first start the TB for about the first 15 seconds it'll try to stall fluctuating RPM between 1000-200, then it'll hold RPM around 800 normal RPM range regardless, but I cleaned the throttle body(forgot to unhook battery to do PCM Re-learn) gonna maybe do that this weekend and see if it stops... was wondering if maybe anyone had any other idea what it could be

Thanks in advance!:thx
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