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so after reading here on the sit about the rear glass not locking for alot of people i went out and checked mine and my girls well hers was not locking so i droped it off at the dealer the thursday night before the 4th of july. monday morning they called said its all set well i told them my SS was doing the same thing and i def need it to lock cause of all the custom work i just had done in the rear cargo area so i picked hers up that monday left them mine they called me that thuirsday said its all set ok so i rush up there before they close they left the keys at the sales desk for me i go outside check it it still doesnt lock so the sales manager comes out checks it says leave it i said well its a pain to find a ride back everytime so he says ill hand deliver it to you friday when i get out of work i live in your town so i say ok. well friday night around 600 there he is at my house cool i try it no prob works great. well this past thursday i went to the bass pro shop car show for r first meet this year go to lock it it dont lock agin so i call the dealer they say bring it friday and we will give you a rental trailblazer so i say ok. well this morning they just called me said its alset this time they found a rod that needed to b ajusted they did that they also changed my oil free of charge thats like 90 bucks they detailed the ss also. so im glad that they r trying there best to help. well im out now to c if it is really fixed i hope so. sorry guys i have never typed this much here i justed wanted to tell everyony the story.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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