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No parking lights. All others work.

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Hi guys.

I Already searched the forums and YouTube and everyone mentions fuses relays and some mention the headlamp switch.

None of my parking lamps work. All other exterior lighting is fine. Turn signals, brake lights, hazards etc.

Vehicle is 2006 TB 4.2 with the automatic DRL

I cannot find reliable schematic or pin out diagram of the headlamp switch or BCM.

Ideally I would like to trace the voltage and see if it's possiblity a break in circuit or I can test pins on the body control module.

Since it has Daytime running lights could it be a photo eye?
Looking for suggestions on where to start. Where are the other components that control the lighting circuit?
Trying to get the lights working because right now my wife can't drive at night.

I have checked all fuses and relays and have verified operation.
I do not believe my headlamp selection switch is bad, I installed a new one from rock auto and that didn't fix my issue.
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Roger, I have the trailblazer EXT.

So C3-C4 is the ribbon cable, It appears.

I'll test for continuity at the pins.

Y'all are awesome by the way. I'm happy to have people with this knowledge and schematics on hand.

Tomorrow I'll start backtracking from the circuit board for the rear tail lights and see if I can eventually find power.

Unless you think it's easier to start at the headlamp switch. I guess either way yields the same result.
And so.... I'm making progress I managed to find 1080 and A14 You can see the diagram. I marked it in red
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Just to clarify, that's a pinout diagram of the ribbon connector correct?
Yes it should work for your TBS Long Base
Always work from the part that isn't working, back to the supply.

Keep on moving in the same direction and don't get any bright ideas that you can skip a process.

Stay with the logic tree back to the root of the problem.
Update. I've been busy so it took me awhile to get back out there, but I found the issue.

There was a break in the ribbon cable (C3-C4) on the schematic. It was right where the A14 pin went into the ribbon. BCM tested fine. Pin A14 at the BCM has 6-7

Volts when the lights are on. Ended up soldering the ribbon for now.

eBay sells the part for 30 bucks used, going to call GM and see how much they charge for new. Part number 15077187-D.
Good you found the problem .
Thanks for the follow up . (y)
As pdcomm said, thanks for letting us know!
GM does not make the part anymore.

They are 20-30 bucks on eBay.

I soldered mine as a temporary fix.
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