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Hi All I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my HVAC system for a while but haven't been able to, I've read many post used the custom search but nothing yet. So I'm reaching out to fellow TB owners. Here's the gist:
2003 TB will kick out heat when temp outside is 50 and above but as it gets colder the colder the air is that exits my vents no matter which one. If I'm on the highway and I rev up the RPM's the air gets a little warmer but not enough.
What have I done? I changed out my thermostat, checked coolant level, pulled the HVAC 36, 39 & 44 So I can reset the system. I don't think its a blend door actuator since heat comes thru on nice days, but I could be wrong it wont be the first time I was. If anyone has an idea let me know. would like to get this fixed soon since winter is just starting in the NE section last week thought my hands were going to get stuck to the steering wheel it was so cold.

On another note does anyone know an area in NY that rents out a garage so DIYer's can work on their vehicle?
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