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2002 chevy trailblazer_ls
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Did rotors and pads in April because I noticed grooves.
By end of May grooves were back in front rotors

Also hear slight rubbing of pads first 5 minutes of driving

Temps affect brake pedal pressure as follows

90+ rubbing noise very stiff pedal
80+ intermittent rubbing good pressure
70s good pressure noise only in the first 5 minutes
60s low pressure at first then fine after a while of running rubbing noise first five
50s no pressure from front pads only rear pedal goes to floor

There doesn't seem to be pulling to a certain side when braking so sticking pads just be both sides

Grooves on both front rotors both sides

Truck leaks no fluids what so ever

Reservoir is full no drainage or leaking

Did not bleed brakes when pads changed

The problem is localised to the front brakes only.
Both sides pretty evenly
The truck seemed like it may have sat over grass fora while noticed rust but not enough to think flood so I assume parked over grass for prolonged period of time
Rear rotors had been just don't before I bought the truck works fine.

My thoughts on the culprit is

Bad/dirty/rusty/torn boot front calipers

Possible bad front brake lines
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