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2006 gmc envoy_slt_xl
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]ey Everyone!

New to the Forum!
Sorry If I'm jumping into it here...

sorry I wrote a short story!

Just bought a 2006 ENVOY SLT XL with 41,000 miles on it for a fantastic price. Its Clean!
All Black exterior and interior.
Standard 6 disc player, I think its Bose?

From Massachusetts so wanted the 4WD.

I'm a engineer, after the long night in the office I want to spoil myself with a sleek classy ride.

So now I've began day dreaming of what It needs!

The decision to go all black everything, Demold, Black Rims and Grill Or Keep chrome door mold add chrome rims.

I definitely am smoking out tail lights and doing new head lights.

I will be putting on a new Grill but just not sure which one I want yet.

I will finish off the tint but not sure If I want to take the chance and go beyond the legal limit of 35% or not.

My FIRST upgrade is the radio. I want to make sure everything but chimes continue to work(steering wheel, back seat radio, maybe onstar). I have to install my aftermarket Subwoofers)

I want Ipod, Iphone capabilities.

I also want to be able to control subs if i want to shut off or turn them down without turning down the base on speakers.

I just don't know what my head unit options are.

I know these Bose systems are tricky!

Are there aftermarket BOSE compatible head units? or will I have to redo it all?

Well Thanks who read my long wish list!

Any suggestions, links, place to buy stuff would be great!
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