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New york o2 problem

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Alright, I own a 2004 Chevy trailblazer 4x4 4200 I6. I had a clogged cat and instead of dropping the 600+ on replacing it I straight piped it. Now that dang CEL keeps coming on :hissy: Now i replaced the O2 sensor as a precautionary for further problems and used the nonfouler set up to keep the light off. It worked for about two months then came right back on. So I spent the extra money and redid the setup sensor and everything and same situation. I wasnt worried about it for a while, I just kept resetting it and would get it off for a couple days then back on and would just keep resetting it. That was a simple solution for a long time but now that the truck needs an inspection I need the light off. Now im looking for a pretty definite solution here, I am in the U.S. Navy and and only coming home for a couple days before I go to my next base and need my vehicle so want to be able to get my truck fixed fairly quickly so I have time to see my family instead of laying underneath the truck all weekend. If anyone has a solution or knows someone or if they themselves has the program or materials to tune fix the problem it would be GREATLY appreciated. Of course I will pay you I'm looking for a hand out here just a solution. Thank you in advance for your help!:)
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Definite solution in my opinion would be to get a new catalytic converter, and call it a day. As long as your oxygen sensors are reading correctly you should be good to go. Shouldn't take any skilled welder but 30 minutes to get a new one on. :m2:

BTW, not sure how NY inspections are performed, but here in NC as an NC inspector myself not only will the emissions be checked, but a physical examination of the converter has to be done as well.
I had to use 2 of them to get the CEL to turn off in my evo before getting a tune..If that doesn't work, might want to try blbkabenvoy's advice and just go with a new cat.
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