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Hello, New to trailvoy, new to posting on forums as evident by my name instead of handle showing, (Does anyone know how to change this?)! Anyway here it goes. ...I have been looking at Envoys and came across a 2007 Trailblazer that is in mint condition. I was searching around on the net for info on both and found this site. I was taken back by how complex the site is and all the info that it provides it's members. With this in mind I bought the vehicle and am very happy with it, but I am going to (at first) put a sound system in it with Navigation (Kenwood DNX9980HD). I have been pulling a couple of roots out trying to find the right info on replacing the deck, primarily because I am looking to retain functionality of some systems while replacing others.

So this is what I know so far:
-It is a 2007 Trailblazer LT1 (Front Grill w/o the bar going across over the headlights, and it just so happens they are the only thing that NEEDS to be replaced and I cannot locate aftermarkets without the inset- any help with this issue would be also appreceated)!123&authkey=!AJqSlMJeX6imGxI

-It is a BOSE system but I do not know if it has an external amp or not (???)!123&authkey=!AJqSlMJeX6imGxI

-It has Onstar and XM Radio with all of the chimes (bells and wistles...delays) and steering wheel controls.

-It has some kind of radio selecter in the back of the center console (I will post a pic if I can) but this is not a nec.(no kids)!123&authkey=!AO4edp_w9lqIJHc

What I am planning on adding;
Kenwood Nav Unit in dash
1-4 Channel Polk amplifier to power doors and dash
1-Mono block Polk Amplifier w/sub
(I can get more specific here if necassary)

Info that I need-
It seems that most of the info that i find is confusing (I cannot make out -who likes what and why with any info on HOW, 20+ interfaces that say they will work with the vehicle etc.) I read that the PAC interfaces do not work well with the steering wheel controls, I read that the metra kits are confusing with miles of wires. There are kits by Axxess and American international and others as well.

I would like to have the voice and chimes play on the door speakers somehow like it does now and not a chinsy little box that a couple kits I see provide. If I find out (with help) that it has an external amp already I will leave it in and wired (with a diode maybe in line to door speaks? or I can run the dash speakers with the stock amp (if I have one).I will probably never subscribe to OnStar but I would like to retain the XM radio, and patch it into the new reciever somehow if I can.

I am getting partial to ordering the Metra GMOS-014 or the Axxess Gmos1a but they say nothing about XM radio retention.

I would like to know if anyone (or any threads) can provide me with info that has done any stereo stuff to the TB. (and/or can help me out with the grille/headlight matter:eek:) I really do not want to leave my dash open for days and would like to get my hands on an interface that is going to work the 1st time.

Thnks 4 your replies-
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