Security Chain Co. Super Z LT Light Truck SUV Tire Traction Chains (Pair) model number ZT735
Brand New in Plastic Storage Box with Carrying Handle and Instructions. Note that the plastic storage boxes may show some shelf wear. Chains are new, never used. These were made by SCC in the USA, note that the newer models are made in China. This is for ONE set of 2 chains that fit in one box, so they will go on either the front or rear set of tires.

Note: I have another set which was used once and are in great condition, which is listed separately. For reference, I had used these on a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer with factory LT 235/75 R16 tires, they would fit on the Trailblazer with optional 17 inch tires too. These chains will fit any Chevy Trailblazer, GMV Envoy, Chevy Colorado, Saab 9-7x, Oldsmobile Bravada, Isuzu Ascender.

The set of used chains is $50. I have uploaded another picture (the 4th pic) for that.

This item fits the following tire sizes:

7.50-15LT, 10.00-15LT, 29x10.50-15, LT 29x12.50-15, LT 30x9.50-15, LT 30x10.50-15, LT 245/85-15, 255/70-15, 265/70-15, LT 265/70-15

7.00-16C, 215/85-16, 225/75-16C, 235/75-16, LT 225/85-16, LT 235/75-16, 245/70-16, 245/75-16, LT 245/75-16, 255/65-16, 255/70-16, 265/65-16, 285/60-16, LR78-16LT

9.50-16.5LT, 10-16.5LT, LT30x9.50-16.5

215/80-17, 235/70-17, 235/75-17, 245/65-17, 255/60-17, 255/65-17, 265/55-17, 265/60-17, 275/50-17

8-17.5, 8.5-17.5, 225/75-17.5, 235/70-17.5

225/65-18, 225/70-18, 235/65-18, 245/60-18, 255/55-18, 265/55-18, 285/45-18, 285/50-18, 295/45-18, 345/35-18

225/60-19, 245/55-19, 255/50-19, 275/50-19, 285/45-19, 315/40-19

215/55-20, 225/55-20, 235/55-20, 245/50-20, 255/45-20, 255/50-20, 265/45-20, 275/40-20, 285/35-20, 295/35-20, 295/40-20, 335/25-20, 335/30-20

265/45-21, 295/35-21, 285/30-21

245/40-22, 255/35-22, 265/35-22, 295/30-22

No gap diagonal design - constant contact between the tire and the road
Easy Installation
Designed for ABS Compatibility
Meets S.A.E. Class S Clearance Requirements, up to 30MPH

Z Performance for SUVs, light trucks, and 4x4s that meets Class 'S'
Z SUV/LT, our ZT700 series, is Z Passenger series' companion product for sport/utility vehicles and pickups. Its patented design is the same as the Z Passenger series, but features larger and tougher components. Z SUV/LT, Z-Chain, and Super Z8 are the only light truck traction products to meet Class 'S' clearance requirements for vehicles with limited or low clearance.

As the most effective product available for SUVs and pick-up trucks with ABS, AWD, 4x4s, and anti-lock brakes, Super Z SUV/LT covers the entire range of light truck tires with only five stock numbers. Z SUV/LT offers the same performance features as Z Passenger:

Greater durability and better all-around performance than conventional tire chains or cables
Meets S.A.E. Class 'S' clearance requirements or vehicles with limited clearance
Low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused