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new ss owner!!

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Sold my 03 cobra, and tried to fill the void with an ss... So far I'm happy overall with performance, BUT will need more hp soon! oh well let the modding begin
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Welcome to TrailVoy!!! Enjoy your Ride!!!:thumbsup:
Welcome to Trailvoy!
welcome to the site!!
Welcome to the site. :tiphat
congrats on ditching the rustang for a REAL vehicle!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
welcome:thumbsup: get one of these and that will help fill the void quite nicely:
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Welcome :tiphat
Welcome to the site from Music City USA!:tiphat
Welcome....the only car I'd trade my TB on is an 03-04 Cobra.....SS TB's are awesome though....I am a HUGE Cobra 'em....but, again...WELCOME!

PS Any pics of the Cobra you can post up?????:yes:
:tiphat Welcome :tiphat
Welcome to the site! If you'll take a moment to fill out your profile in the User CP, it will help everyone to get to know you and your ride better.:thumbsup:

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Welcome to the site!

You'll love it here!

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