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New SS in Illinois

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Hi there names Craig and I just bought my 07 SS a couple of weeks ago and love it. After going through all the forums I need to save my money for some mods. Already have a tranny cooler and CAI/IAT sitting waiting to be installed then a tune. Well hope to meet ev1 and take in the wealth of knowledge that seems to be here.
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Welcome to the site!
From the far west side..
Welcome to the site from another Craig. :tiphat
Welcome.:tiphat Keep your eye on the midwest thread...meets pop up here and there.:thumbsup:

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welcome from wauk town:thumbsup:
hope to see u on the road:excited:
Welcome to the site. Check out the quad city meet thread. Hope you can attend:thumbsup:
:tiphatWelcome to the most informative site on the web from Music City USA!:tiphat
Welcome Craig. Enjoy the ride. :thumbsup:
Thanks to ev1 for the welcome. Wont be bale to make any get meets. I currently live in Hawaii. My wife lives in Illinois so you might see her driving around. Would like to make some here in the future when i get back to the mainland. Will hopefully be going to upstate NY next.
Welcome to TrailVoy!!! Enjoy your Ride!!!:thumbsup:
:tiphat Welcome :tiphat
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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