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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt_ext
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I changed my motor mounts recently. That did the trick as I had the dreaded drive gear vibration. The passenger side mount was torn almost completely around its' circumference about an inch from the top stud. Fast forward to about two days later...

I now have a vibration that's different from the type associated with the motor mounts. This is a pretty rough vibration and it's present in ALL gears. Shifting into reverse is somewhat jarring, and there's a jolting vibration when I turn the ignition off (it's not dieseling on).

Anyone have this problem and find it's a bad transmission mount? I've never replaced motor mounts without the trans mount in previously owned vehicles, so I'm wondering if that's the case here.

I've searched and found so many different things to check, but this vibration seems different than what I've been reading up on.

Thanks in advance.
'03 EXT 85K
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