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2005 chevy trailblazer_ls
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New member here - recently acquired a 2005 LS for an upcoming long road trip (in about a month). Want to make sure everything's ready to go when we hit the pavement (or not-pavement, as it may be!). So far pretty happy with the rig - changed out plugs, battery, and cleaned throttle body which really helped its idle smoothness.

Anyhow, I've noticed that there is a good amount of play in the steering when it's on-center. When I turn either right or left, most noticeable at slow speeds, there's about a 2" dead zone on each side of center. The wheels respond, but relatively minimally, and then after I pass that 2", I get the full (usual) power steering boost effect.

At freeway speeds it's dead on alignment-wise, with no significant drift to either side. There is still that numb feeling in the center of wheel response.

I have also noticed there are some odd noises coming from the steering column - sounds almost like rubber-rubber squeegee? I don't know if this is related.

I'll get a chance to check the linkages in the next day or two, but other than the usual culprits (tie rods, etc), I'm not sure where to start looking. Pump? Intermediate linkages? Rack?

Power steering fluid is full and in decent shape.
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