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New Member - Problems!

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Hey everybody, new member, long time car guy. Grew up with a father who was a Master Technician and Instructor. Rebuilt many an engine and drove many different vehicles in my 54 years.

The Problem: 04' Bravada bought new, 195k miles. Paid independent shop of good rep to replace timing chain. Chatter gone. Deeper problem, searching idle & stalling, shop sent to dealer connection for re-flash for searching. All said & done P0016 code, cam/crank correlation. They throw a cam solenoid at it, no fix. We drive it for a week, runs better, better fuel economy, But, Cruise Control is now intermittent. I verified cam sensor working personally with a scope-meter, if crank sensor was bad it wouldn't run. I also verified continuity from the Cruise switch assy to the ECM. Took it back to the shop this afternoon who sent it back to the dealer for further troubleshooting. Shop gave us one of his trucks as a loaner while it's back in. Shop affirms they used proper cam alignment tools for the chain & replaced the seized cam-adjuster which includes the cam sensor reluctor. Everything I read points to improperly aligned cam.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help.
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I also think that you problem is an improperly aligned cam. Or poor quality parts, I always use oem parts.
About to burn blazer down

I have been chasing a surging, stalling problem on my 03 trailblazer for a couple of years now. It will not throw a code hardly ever and if it does it is the bank one lean code but it will go away with the next start. You can be going down the highway and it will start bucking sometimes and you can always seem to feel a little surging going on and even though my hearing is bad is seems like I can hear something that seems like a lean misfire. It will not do it all the time and it seems like the hotter it gets the more it will do it. I have replaced the MAP, Cam sensor, o2 sensor, changed the plugs and coil packs and YES I HAVE CLEANED THE THROTTLE BODY. I do that about twice a year. O and I put in a new fuel pressure regulator. I took it to the dealer to have them do any updates to the PCM and still have the same problem. I am leaning towards some sort of electrical problem like a bad alternator that acts up when it gets hot under the hood. I did a ignition swith also. I am about ready to go crazy and I need this thing as we can't afford a new one and I put a ton of miles on it taking my daughter to bmx races around the country. I have a lifetime oil change at the dealer so it gets changed every 3000 or so since it was new. I pulled the cam acuator out and it was clean as a whistle.

Any insight on what this may be would be appreciated as I have some long trips coming up quick and I need this vehicle to be reliable.
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The re-flash was supposed to take care of the surging. In our case it wasn't that violent, just noticeable. Ended up taking it back and they replaced the phaser again. It ran great for a day or two then got weak and the mileage is worse than before. Had to have (another) AC compressor replaced for bad clutch bearing. Will take it back soon for the leak check and talk to the owner again about the cam phaser. Don't know where it will take us. Funny thing that the phaser is only available as a re-man, but GM still had Variable Valve Timing in almost every I4 and V6. Give me a push-rod V8 any day.
Who is installing the cam phaser? GM or the independent shop. When it is installed it needs to be installed at it's furthest advanced position.

Is your dash temperature reading correctly? A faulty temp guage will cause the PCM to run the engine poorly. Check my other posts for more info on this subject.
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