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2007 chevy trailblazer_ls
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I was not sure where to post my first message as i am new to the site but figured here would be best as I am from Florida. I thank you all in advance for and improvement ideas, repair tips and general help i find here in advance.

I just bought my 2007 TB LS in march and after arguing :hissy: with the dealership to fix some faulty issues. A/C not working (a needed item in FL) and intermittent headlights (i discovered is a normal issue). I thought i was going to be in for a complete headache :duh: until all the payments were made. Boy was i wrong, once the dealership got both of those issues sorted i have not had any problems since.:woohoo:

The more i drive this vehicle the more i enjoy it. I plan on it being my daily in the city driver however i also plan on making it more rugged so i can take the family out camping, to the beach and maybe down some "light" trials, After all lets be real mine is only 2wd.

Well see you guys and girls around.
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