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Hi All, Great site because of the people. Been lurking for a week or so, got my black 07 4X4 TB LT about a month ago. Not really what I wanted, I was looking for a Chevy 1/2 ton 4X4 but the price on this was right. No regrets. In fact very happy. Off road once already during a fishing trip in Michigan and was very pleased with the performace on the highway and on the trails.

Into flyfishing so the TB will be used to get there on the road and hit the trails once there. I'm an older kid, 47. I have two college age because of shoveling money out for them I wont be hitting the mud for fun. (though I would love to). So I figure I'll get the "mall crawler" label once and a while.

Already removed the branding. Plan to paint the chrome grill piece and the bowties black this weekend.

Future plans are for tinted windows, trashcan removal, BDS lift, Z71 coils, HD shocks and struts, wheels and tires, Bull bar with fog's, driving lights, HDI quads, and maybe add a sub. Well, that's wish list.

Thanks to everyone for sharing information. I have learned much already. Hope I can return the favor sometime.

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