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New from Wisconsin

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Hey everyone, I came across this site lokking for info on changing front struts. This looks like a great site... I have a 2004 Trailblazer That is the family car. I bought it with 40,000 miles on it last year, It was amazing in the long Wisconsin winter we had this year. But now I have some loud noices coming from the front end, thought it might be the struts or after checking out this site the sway bar ends... Also interested in finding any ways to improve gas milage...
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Welcome to the site!
What kind of noise do you hear?
Thanks, The noise is a loud vibration (rattle) as your driving along...
with only 40k you shouldnt have problems with struts or endlinks yet..
Sounds more like a wheel out of ballance to me..
Or the inner fender rivets have worked loose causing a rattle..
had that happen to my wifes TB at 47k..
I don't think it is a wheel, Driving on a road free of Wisconsin pot holes or cracks, it is smooth and quiet. But when you are on a rough road you can feel the vibration at each crack.
oh yeah,, i forgot how the salt eats your roads up there..
Well maybe it is time for new stuts!
There is/was a special running at shockwarehouse where you can
purchase 3 and get the 4th free..(add at top of screen)
Go with the HD Bilsteins if thats the route you go..
I too live in Wisconsin and if you have any sort of commute your struts will go out fast.

I know someone with an 04 Dodge Neon with 180k and she has to change struts every month or two. The roads are just terrible.
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welcome to the site!!
I wuold'nt have a clue were to get cheese fudge... Sorry
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Hello and welcome, sorry i wouldnt know the answer to the noise you here. Hopefully someone here can though.
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