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2008 chevy trailblazer_ls
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Hi everyone.

I am new to Trailblazer. As a matter of fact, I just brought home my first one today. It's a 2008 Trailblazer LS 4x4.

I know that I paid top dollar for this vehicle, since I bought it from a new car dealership. This one was a trade-in. The vehicle does not have much for extras; but it has leather interior, and that is important to me.

To start, I am on a mission to get this setup for my preferences, and I am hoping to get some valuable tips from the members. I will mention my immediate goals next.

Since I am a fisherman, I feel a necessity to add some kind of additional backup lighting. After dark, it's difficult to see my boat and trailer and the boat launch. I need some recommendations for some fabulous additional lighting when backing up my trailers. Any tips or recommendations?

Next, I am in dire need of GOOD, long-life running boards. I would like the kind that are comfortable to stand on, not just to be used as a step. I am looking to buy a used set from members in this forum.

Also, since this vehicle is new to me, I am bothered by wonder of the spark plug condition. So, I want to check them out and be sure they are in good shape. What tools will I need, and are there any tips?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I am excited about being new to Trailblazer. I think it's a great vehicle. (I previously owned a Suburban 4x4 and it was awesome. Too much gas guzzling and age moved me to this Trailblazer.)
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