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I recently acquired a 2002 TrailBlazer LS with the 4.2 for $750.
only has 208K miles on it, no rot anywhere, good frame, etc.
i am currently going through everything and fixing what needs repairs.
I replaced the tailgate harness with a good used one, original harness was shot and the module was dead.
i put all new tires and brakes on it and changed the oil.
I fixed both the power steering and transmission lines because they were leaking.

I still have to figure out the seat belt warning issue, put new stepper motors and back lights into the cluster (current steppers work but are original),
replace both rear backing plates behind the rotors (can't wait for that fun job), and i have to replace the steering rack.
The previous owner did a lot of the front end and suspension, it has 4 newer shocks and springs, all of the steering components are new or in good shape (except leaking rack).
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