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We have gotten some request lately for some features that I just haven't had much time to setup with all of the recent site upgrades. I am sorry for the delays, but here is what we have:

  1. You can now edit your posts without a time limit. The rest of the site has a global post edit time limit of 4 hours, but the vendor forums have an unlimited timeframe.
  2. You may now use thread prefixes. I have added prefixes that I felt made sense, but I would be more than glad to add more, all you have to do is ask.
  3. All members/vendors can now post YouTube videos right inside their posts. Just use the buttons in the editor, just like you were posting a picture in your post.
  4. We would also like to offer each and every vendor a custom advertisement page. The purpose of these pages is to allow vendors to list their specials, link to their forums or threads, link to their websites, whatever can help you attract more attention as a vendor. All you need to do is contact me and I will get a page setup for you. You will be able to edit your own pages, and we will provide a template for you to start from. There are some width restrictions which will be displayed on your page when it is issued. All you need to do is add your own HTML. I will be creating a portal page that will link to the vendor's ad pages, and we encourage you to add a link in your signatures for maximum exposure. Here is an example:
Please understand that I have limitations set forth by the software, but I am open to suggestions and requests and I will do what I can to provide assistance in any way that I can.

Thank you,
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