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So I've been going over the forums and haven't found anything on the matter.

So i thought I'd post a new thread

I do apologize if its placed in the wrong place or smthng, New to all this stuff.

Anyways I was checking out the 2016 Tahoe and other Chevy cars at our dealership and really liked the look and feel of the new Chevy bowtie they got on the cars. So I was like can it fit the rear bowtie on my Blazer.

Well the Tahoe has got a huge bowtie which wont fit in the TBs bowtie place. But then i measured out my TB rear bowtie and the rear bowtie on the Impala and they are quite similar in dimensions.

I wanted to see if anyone has done it already or if you guys think its possible and worth $24.00

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