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Sweet - that's what I've got - I just wanted to make sure the one I bought is considered a Trail/Voy P6 PCM.

Ah yes, I'm toying with the turbo idea once again. I'm going to have some custom flanges cut, both for the cylinder head side and the turbo side. It helps to have friends who work with flat-cut lasers all day :)

Anyhow, my plan is to first swap in the P6, license it with HPT and then flash a 2006+ I-6 program. Basically get the truck working with a P6 and MAF. According to my research, the rest of the modules in the truck should play nice with the P6 since they use the same data-line bus.

Then use the flanges and build a drop-in tubular turbo header. Turbo will mount either on top of the header, or where the intake air box is. The idea (hope) is to make the header drop in, that I don't need to cut the factory down pipe. After that it's a simple MAF-rescale tune and (maybe) bigger injectors. I'd love to try it with the 2003 PCM, but anyone who's looked at the code for that PCM would agree it's a mess - and probably much easier to swap in the P6.

Initially, it will probably be non-intercooled and low boost, but eventually I will rebuild the 4.2 that I got for free (bad bearing) and build it for boost. Then upgrade the turbo, intercool it, and run much higher boost levels.

Essentially, once I get past the P6 swap issue, the rest should be cake. I love my truck and the look, but it just doesn't have the appropriate amount of power for me (compared to my 400+ WHP front-drive Cutlass Supreme).
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