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2006 gmc envoy_denali
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Ok, so I bought my Envoy last year used... EXCELLENT TRUCK, love it. But it did not come with a Nav CD, I have been looking into getting one for at least 6months or so, but refuse to spend $200 at gmnavdisc, which only lists the current version p/n's, not previous version p/n's. So looking at the ebay option, but there are hundreds nav cd's available, but I cant find a cross references for all the part numbers listed on the web.

It makes no sense to me that a mfg would have different nav cd for different models, it seems that the technology in the head unit would pretty much all be the same. I understand releasing new p/n for each year updates but for different models??:weird:

So does anyone have a cross reference or how can I determine what will work.

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