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2004 GMC Envoy
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Hello all, just here to show off some of my own work on my beloved voy named ghost. With 211k miles on her she’s seen some **** but I’ve been trying my best to take care of her.

In this not so recent picture, I have the stock tail lights tinted and the stock envoy rims blacked out. (don’t have recent booty pics)

More recently I did a color shift to the main badge on the grill, it goes from blue to purple.
I think it looks pretty good but I like the murdered out look so I might just go back to black on this. Tell me what you think

Here’s a photo from kinda further back, was losing light so not much reflection going on here. It looks like it’s kinda blacked out if there’s not a lot of light in most angles.

I also blacked out all of the envoy badges as well

I was thinking about trying to either take apart my headlight housings paint them white (or black?) replace the amber sides with clear and get new amber bulbs or order the black housing with no amber off like eBay or something.

Need to do some touch more touch up on her with the bumper though that’s for sure. Here’s a photo of what the grill used to look like, the previous owner had it all taped up. There was a lot more damage there than it looks but luckily it’s just one piece, picked up a new grill from the junkyard masked it off and painted it.

I wish I had pictures from before anything, it really is a world of difference. What else do you think I should do with her?

Complete list:
HID Xenon lights
Tinted tail lights plus 3rd brake light
Blacked rims
Blacked badges
Subwoofer & aftermarket door speakers

Planned modifications:
Reso delete
Exhaust tip add
(Maybe new headlights/housings)
Window tint to match the rear
2 inch lowering kit or switching to trailblazer ss style rims

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You're on the right track. Cars are individual things, go for it.
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