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So this weekend the local pick a part lot had their bucket sale (all you can fit in a 5 gal for $20) I picked a few small parts for my daughter's car. But I also got a wiper assembly for the TB. Along with a pair of speakers out of a Saturn S. My TB had gotten to the point where I ONLY had constant HI wipers (no intermittents at all) And the washer fluid hadn't worked since I bought the truck. Well, wouldn't you know it would be the HOTTEST damnable day of the year. So climbing up on the dark green wreck to pull the wiper assembly I wanted...OWIE!!! But got it home. got it open and simply plugged it in. Even before taking mine out. Sure enough, all intermittents and the washer working again!

And the speakers I pulled outta the Saturn S fit right into the holder for the original speakers. So got sound in the front now. Still gotta fix the back speakers, but it's good for now.

Of course at some point I got the P0014 code. It is due for an oil change anyway. That's next weekend.

Also had to give it a good wash. On the way to work friday a cement mixer pulled out of the construction by work. It was spraying concrete like it was rain. Luckily I got it all washed off. Looks nice again.
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