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So after having my TB since Aug of 2002--- its time for my plate renewal- and I cant renew until I get a smog check- 1st smog check for my TB... .
I ran a bottle of CRC smog pass. I think it does the same thing as techron? cleans valves and all sorts of stuff...
I added it to a tankful of gas. Once that was used up- I gassed up and headed to the test center with a nice warm engine....
They do a visual test. Then the tech drives the car onto a dyno looking thing- and they 'drive' the car to simulate real world conditions..
its done at 15 and 25 mph.. pretty much city type of driving.
THey also test the gas cap...
Mileage at the time of test-- 147,578

15 mph 1603 RPM- HC (max-46)(AVE 4)(measured 11) CO% (max 0.58)(AVE 0.00)(measured 0.01) NO (MAX 488) (AVE 18) (Measured 10)

25 mph 1542 RPM- HC (max-29)(AVE 4)(measured 8) CO% (max 0.72)(AVE 0.01)(measured 0.01) NO (MAX 741) (AVE 16) (Measured 2)

So I passed the dreadful California Emissions test.
This is with Factory catalytic converter, gas cap, spark plug coils,
And- dont forget- I also do- 11,000 miles oil changes on regular dino oil...
And get 18 MPG on combined city/hwy.

Sadly:(-- I am selling my Traiblazer--- I have already ordered its replacement.. a 2010 Chevy Traverse.... which will be built in mid aug. Arriving in Mid Sept I think.
By then I will have reached 150,000.

The good news is--- Eventhough im selling it-- it will remain in the driveway!

Here in So cal.. with my miles.. Bluebook. trade in is about 4500.
Private party is about 6500. and if dealer resells it- 8500.

So I have decided to 'sell' it to dad.....
I told him he can have it for $2500....
He will be replacing his 1976 Nova- it has about 600,000 miles (1 engine rebuild)-- but the suspension is old.. and with my 1st new baby on the way--- grandpa will need to ride the baby in a vehicle with much better everything.
I am shocked that you are leaving our platform in favor of the Traverse but you obviously have good reasons. Did you ever give a thought to getting a left over new 2009 MY which can be practically stolen from the dealer lots?
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