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Or you can take the unit out and send it to any of a hundred repair outfits and then you'll get the same one back with won't require a dealer reflash.

But something tells me you're looking for instant gratification, not a send-it-off-and-wait kind of repair. I can guarantee you with the experience of a verified old fart, that haste and impatience will end up costing you $$ you may regret later.

Only YOU can decide if your ears are good enough to hear the difference between Bose and an aftermarket system, and what your cost sensitivity index is. People with a low CSI tend to gripe if they spend $200 on a system and it doesn't sound twice as "good" as OEM. People with a high CSI need to get to maybe $2000 before they expect a doubling of the "goodness". And the definition of "good" is different for every set of ears, whether it be clarity, pure dB, lower-intestine-rumbling bass, or extended high frequencies if you haven't destroyed your frequency response yet.

An Internet forum can't answer such personal questions.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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