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2007 chevy trailblazer_lt
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I wasn't really sure where to post this. I am looking to get rid of my Trailblazer. I just hate paying $80+ for each tank of gas. I thought I could deal with it but it's not working out. I want to shoot back down to the $40-$50 range. With that said, I was wondering what should I really sell it for. KBB has its good value at $12,259 and its fair value at $11,034. The only 2 problems that I am aware of are that the hood will not latch entirely shut. It hooks so it doesn't pop up when driving, but I can't get it to shut, so from me forcing it closed there are a few dents in that spot where you push down on it. Also, I think it needs a new blower motor resistor with automatic temperature control. The heat and A/C work, like it gets cold, but the blowers don't always work in the front. It does work on the back seat A/C though. I know the part is about $100 and it a relatively easy fix in the glove box. So basically again, what should I sell it for? Any thoughts? Ideas?

These are the features I have listed that they provide on KBB:
Power Steering
Tilt Wheel
AM/FM Stero
MP3 Single CD
Front & Rear A/C
Power Windows/Door Locks
Cruise Control
Dual Air Bags
Dual Power Seats
Leather Interior
Sun Roof(sliding)
Privacy Glass
Running Boards
Two-tone Paint
Roof Rack
Towing Package
Alloy Wheels

Also, this wasn't an option on KBB but it also has an aftermarket remote starter installed in it as well

2002 gmc envoy_slt
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I recently sold my Envoy and I'd suggest that you get in the mind of a potential buyer. A buyer is going to do research on KBB or other car websites that tell you what the car might be worth for a retail sale or a trade in. You can brag all you want about how good the truck is but at the end of the day an informed buyer is going to know the max it is worth based on KBB. I listed mine on and was pleased with the results. At your price range people are going to be more informed than you think. Spending $12K on a used car may require someone to get a loan as cash buyers will be more rare. I made the mistake of listing mine a few thousand above KBB only for my ad to sit with nobody looking at it for a month. I lowered it every two weeks, a lot at first but then I slowed when I got closer to the KBB. I thought mine was well maintained (which it was), I put new tires on it, had an allignment, and other work that totaled $1,200 within the past six months. It was scheduled maintenance stuff but the fact was that I did it and had records to prove it. Therefore, I thought mine was better than the competition but it wasn't until the price was lowered to slightly under KBB did I start getting callers. After 2.5 months of it being listed for sale I wanted it sold. I had already bought another car so the Envoy was just causing a parking hastle in our driveway. The second buyer I spoke with negotiated the price down and I was happy to take it.

I like to look back on things to see how I can improve them and I realized that my emotions made me think my car was worth more than the competition and that a buyer would see it too. Well, I was wrong. A buyer is going to look after his or her own best interests and will try to get the car for as little as possible. If you price it above KBB people (I believe) will identify that right away and it will take you longer to sell. My suggestion to you is to not try and nickle and dime a buyer. Be flexible in price because the quicker you sell it the happier you will be about getting a car with better gas mileage. The longer you keep it the more it will drive you crazy when you fill it up at the pump.

Now, about the little things that are wrong with the truck, I suggest you spend a weekend and fix them. Those little things will go a long way in convincing someone that your truck is in good condition. You'd be surprised at the little things that turn someone off.

Start your listing at KBB value, maybe a few hundred higher. Without good marketing (people seeing that it is for sale) it is going to take some time. Be patient, and reduce the price by a few hundred every other week. The longer it takes to sell the more you will wonder if anyone is even looking at it.

Good luck.

2006 chevy trailblazer_lt_ext
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Its a tough time to sell larger SUV's, not as bad as say this last summer when gas was over $4 a gallon across the country but still tough. I bought my 2006 Trailblazer LT EXT for a little over $7000 and it is absolutely cherry with the DVD/GPS, full leather and everything. For a deal like that, I'm happily dealing with the big gas bills. Not to say you can't sell it for a fair price, I just think you should be ready to wait till the right buyer comes by. Even Clark Howard on the radio (that financial nerd guy) is touting truck based SUV's as the best buy in cars now just because the resale value is relatively low right now. Good luck with your sale!
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