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2003 Chevy trailblazer
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Hi Swindler. This is about your post with the P1515 code. Hopefully you will get an email about this post and be able to answer a question for me. I know it has been a long time ago since you wrote about your Trailblazer but I am having a similar problem; P1515 alone.. Replaced both the throttle body and the gas pedal already. I do notice another issue that might be related (because of what you wrote here). Once the engine is warmed up (217 deg F I believe), the AC compressor shuts off. I also had a code for too cold of engine temp at the same time originally, but I replaced the thermostat and it has not returned, but P1515 is relentless. I guess what I am asking if you are 100% sure that fixing the issue with the fan clutch resolved the P1515 error code as this code belongs to the "fly by wire" throttle system?


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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