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2006 saab 9_7x
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I lifted my Saab with a set of 81114 springs and Liftmiester lift and it caused my Diff to bind up. We had to remove the top plate from the lift and the diff would work properly.
The diff was binding, clicking and clunking. We thought we broke an axle. We replaced the axle and same thing. So we compressed the suspension until it stopped binding.
We were able to remove just the top plate from the lift to make it work. I was sure we broke the diff. Very happy its not broken
The 81114 spring with the 2.5 lift/leveling kit sits high in the front end. Too high for my liking. With the top plate out of the lift its sits almost perfect.
I cant get over how high the Saab is. I love it :)
Has anyone else had a problem with there diff. I'm glad I did not order the 3 inch kit.


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