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2005 isuzu ascender
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I have a 2005 Ascender with manual driver's seat. I want to replace it with a power seat from a 2004 Envoy. My issue is that the 2005 does not have the wiring harness for an easy swap. The Ascender only has a plug with 2 black and 1 green wires. All are thin gauge. The Envoy seat has a plug with an Orange, Black and Black with White stripe wire. The Black and white striped wire is thin gauge while the other 2 are thicker gauge.

Does anyone know the corresponding wire colors to get the seat to work? If not, can I run a power wire to the seat from the fuse box under the rear seat to power it? Which wire is the power in for the seat?

Lastly, the replacement seat has an airbag where as the original seat does not. I do not plan on wiring the airbag for it to work. Is there any problems using the seat with a non working airbag?

Thank you.
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