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what date would you prefer?

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1 benstep11
2 blkenvoyon22z 50/50
3 high-voltage-:no::hopeless
4 Audiojunky - Bringing the TermLab! Test your dBs!
5 hatchet669 (Maybe, but probably not)
6 RichinMN (Maybe)
7 Srtoperator (Maybe, Have to check the military schedule)
8 TannerLTZ
9 2005Tblaze
10 ArmyMike
11 ArmyMike's neighbor...
12 Aukland (Maybe)
13 Menardvoy
14 powellj
15 nootbubbies
16 WannabeTB (maybe)
17 joe_joe4413

Sorry I'm not going to make it.
Big event in Amana this weekend. Ford model A days.
Have some relatives coming and staying so I better stay in town.
Have a great time!

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Kick ass!

For everyone coming, here's the park address:

4801 South Minnehaha Park Dr.
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Phone: 612 230-6400

If I can get an exact head-count of everyone coming I'd appreciate it.

We should be in one of the lots along Godfrey Rd. Look for the TrailVoy Midwest Banner you've seen at all the other Midwest meets. High-Voltage was kind enough to send it up in his absence. Here's what the park looks like.

Like I said, I'm going to get there around 10:30 Saturday morning to try to reserve as many spots as I can. I'll probably fire up the grill around 11:30.

Make sure you bring a sharpie so all the member that haven't signed the back of the banner can!
1 - 4 of 126 Posts
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