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2006 saab 9_7x
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Hi All,

Since joining Trailvoy I have been, like I am sure most of you have, Pouring through the forums for tech info.

One thing puzzles me, and forgive my ignorance, but I keep reading that a CAI with no tuning is a bad Idea. This makes no sense to me. I can see it being an issue on a speed density setup, but how can it be a problem on a mass air setup? :confused:

A CAI let's the engine breathe easier and the Mass Air Sensor should tell the PCM that the engine is ingesting more air and to add more fuel when needed, right?

So please educate me, as I have just put an ieatsrt8 CAI on my 5.3 SAAB 97x and now see better performance and a 1/2 MPG improvement... Not to mention it sounds awesome when I stand on it!!! :woohoo:

I will be getting a new tune soon, just waiting for my Efans to arrive. :thumbsup:
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