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Last week I had a dealership replace my front hub and put in a new axle seal under warranty. I has Amsoil in the differantial but they since they had supposedly topped off with regular fluid until the part came in, I figured I would drain and refill once I got my TB back to get all the same fluid back in.
Fast foward to today.
I got ready and drained the fluid out of the differential. When I looked inside the pan this is all that had come out

I transferred it into this container so I could measure how much was actually in there.

That equals 7 oz. of what is supposed to be 1.7 pints.
So what else was on the pan, these nice bits of metal

This differential had already been drained 3 weeks prior, so this was new accumulation. I called the dealership to let them know how happy I was and that I expected long term coverage on this differential.

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I just finish draining and refilling the front differential and
I got about 34oz out of it, I think it calls for 2.6 pints (approx 39oz)
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