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Loud Noise + Shudder

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Hey All,

First post ever! I posted in this section because I have no idea what it's concerning/where it's located and what's wrong.

Several weeks ago, I noticed this shudder/vibration under the steering wheel whenever I first started the car or right after I shut it off (the engine normally gives a little shudder, but this was new). I checked the motor mounts, but they are ok. So I don't believe there is a problem there. What I notice is right under the steering wheel area. And it doesn't last a long time, it's just a short shudder, and I can hear it. It's sounds like somethings loose.

Well, that went away for a little while. But now it started again but now there's a another/new symptom. I noticed it when I was parking in my driveway. Whether it's in drive/reverse or park, it makes a loud vibration/grinding noise. It's in the same spot as the aforementioned shudder, too. If I sit in park, it doesn't seem to be continuous AS FAR AS I KNOW. And when I put it into drive and gave a little gas, I could her it too.

I'm trying to find out what this is. Another thing I've noticed too is when I'm driving there's this grinding, rhythmic feeling I can feel in the steering wheel. I have checked my power steering fluid level and that has been ok. My PSP is weeping, but it's not leaking terribly. I don't think it's that. I checked it while it was running and it seemed like it was ok.

Anybody have an idea? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

Bobby :)
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The air pump is located in that approximate area. Get under the truck and have some one start the truck and see if that is it. Checkout the thread below
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