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Hey everybody! I haven't seen any posts like this on the site, so I'm not sure how it'll be received, but here goes:

I'm looking for work, and I'm putting out feelers everywhere I can. I am located in Camarillo, CA, in Ventura County. I am available for commuting to LA and Santa Barbara counties.

I'm very adept at troubleshooting and fixing computers and automobiles and, while I'm not an ASE mechanic, I can fix most anything on a vehicle short of engine and transmission rebuilds and replacements. I can also do regular maintenance on motorcycles if need be.

My other skills include movie projection, extensive driving (chauffeur) and 70WPM typing and extensive computer experience.

I'm also handy with plumbing and electrical work, and have also done home theater and home network installs.

I'm passionate about cars and computers, and have done several stereo installs into vehicles, both with and without wiring adapters. I'm also very willing to learn anything you may need me to learn, I'm able to communicate in Spanish, and I have excellent customer service skills.

My ideal job would be working in a shop of some kind doing install work and perhaps learning fabrication, but I'm also able to write service repair orders and repair cars.

I'm currently only available from 7-2 Mondays through Thursdays, but if the pay is right, I am willing to quit my job and work full time. The bottom line is that my money going out (bills, dog, food, medical) is very close to my money going in, and I'd love to rectify that situation.

I am available for telecommuting for web support or phone support, and once again, if the pay is right, I am willing to relocate, preferably to Oregon or Washington.

In addition, I'd love to work with/for a fellow Trailvoyer, so please let me know if there is anything out there!

-Phil :tiphat
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